Procedure to apply for building permit in surrey

Permits helps to ensure that construction and major renovations comply with local bylaws, the building code and health and safety standards.

We need to get required permits before any stage of a project can start.

Typically, permits required for new construction projects or major renovations fall under broad categories including building, demolition and plumbing.

How to apply for a building permit in Surrey

There are various methods to apply the building permit, below are the some ways:

1. Digital Submissions

Digital application process provides an efficient and easy submission experience. The use of online services is strongly recommended.

Before submitting your application, please review the Digital Submission Guideline

Building Permit Applications

Land Development Applications

Engineering Applications

You can book an appointment with City staff via the Client Services Centre at (604) 591-4086 .

You need to bring all hard copies of plans, applications, and other documents for 2W, 3W, and 4W counters can now be left in the drop boxes located in the Main Lobby of City Hall.

Drop off with:

Please note there is no longer a drop box located on Parking Level P1.

2. Visit City Hall

Visit the 2W Front Counter on a drop-in basis.

We recommend using online services or booking an appointment to avoid delays.

Not sure if you would like a building permit? Review once you need a permit

Risks of working without a permit when it's required:

If you or your contractor don't have a permit for work that has already started, and it seems you would like a permit for that employment , you'll face serious – and potentially costly – consequences, including:

What documents Required to apply a building permit?

How to pay fee for a building permit?

The Building Permit Fees will be based on the value of construction (building value). Value of construction means the complete worth of all construction related to a development, including, but not limited to, foundations, structural members, framing, finishes, roofing, electrical, plumbing, drains, heating, air-conditioning, fire extinguishing systems, elevators, all plans and specifications, labour and fees for design, testing, consulting, management, contractors' profit and overhead, sales taxes, and insurance, all contributed labour and materials, and site works and improvements not included in other permits.

The declared value of construction will be validated using Marshall & Swift Valuations during the plan review process prior to building permit issuance.

Use the Building/Sign Permit Fee Estimator to calculate the fee required at the time of application. A non-refundable plan processing fee, equal to 35 percent of the estimated building permit fee, is required at the time of each building permit application for a new building, addition or building envelope remediation.

For all tenant improvement and landlord improvement building permits, the full building permit fee must be paid at the time of building permit application.

Where applicable, payment of Development Cost Charges, School Site Acquisition Charges, GVS and DD Charges, TransLink and NCP Amenity Contributions are required prior to the issuance of a building permit.

Fees can be paid by cash, cheque or debit. Credit cards are not accepted.

How to estimate building permit fee

The Building/Sign Permit Fee Estimator provides you with a preliminary amount of the permit fee for various sorts of permits – specifically Residential, Commercial, Tent/Temporary Event Structure, or Sign. Please note the subsequent when using this service:

  1. counting on the property location and therefore the sort of permit fee being estimated, there could also be additional fees payable.
  2. counting on the sort of permit, you'll be required to enter the ‘Declared Value of Construction’ for your project so as for the system to calculate and display an estimated breakdown of the permit fee.

Terms of Service

The Building/Sign Permit Fee Estimator is for informational purposes only and can display estimated permit fee amounts supported the values that are entered. The estimated permit fee which will be displayed is predicated on the present calendar year’s permit fee schedule license fee estimator

Timelines to apply for building permit

There are not any guaranteed timelines for building permits. The timeline for all building permits depends on the completeness of the appliance, how quickly the City's comments are skilled, and volume of applications to be reviewed by each review group.

Use the web license Application Inquiry to see on the status of your license and determine which Plan Reviewer it's been assigned to.

Building/Sign Permit Fee Estimator


Links to various forms and checklist

All construction related to a structure requires a license. For more detailed information and definitions ask the Building By-law.

An owner proposing an addition to an existing building is usually recommended to research the permits and drawings on file at hall before submitting a license application. The documents and drawings will show all construction that was allowed under previous building permits. Copies of permits and drawings are often obtained for a fee. For more information call 604.591.4366. Timing of the license Application: A license application will only be accepted after receiving clearance from the look Division regarding Council approval of the rezoning application, lot consolidation/subdivision, development permit application and development variance permit application.

Fee Deposit Required with license Application: A license tax deposit, equal to 35% of the estimated license tax, is required at the time of application. The balance of the license tax, also because the opposite applicable fees, are visiting be calculated by the plan reviewer during the plan review process and must be paid before issuance of the license.

Address- Existing civic addresses are rarely retained for new development. Prior to preparing any documents or drawings, ensure that the new civic address(es) of a subject property have been established by an Addressing Clerk. The correct civic address shall be displayed in an obvious location on each drawing sheet. Drawings will not be reviewed with incorrect or missing addresses.

Contact the Area Planning Division at [email protected] or 604-591-4448 for zoning information and verification.

If you need any kind of help in applying your building permit, we are here to help you to get building permit. Please contact us at- (604) 418-1515 or you can email at [email protected]